Toni Hill


Client Care Assistant

Toni joined Willett House Vets in 2019 having over 16 years previous experience as a veterinary receptionist, over the years she has developed excellent customer care which is often emulated by new vets and other staff.  Toni runs our Sunbury-on-Thames branch and knows most of her clients and their needs, and in particular those needing extra attention like prescription medicine and diets or those needing extra veterinary attention like cancer or diabetic pets. Toni is also responsible for insurances and financial matters which involve clients. She has an eye for detail, which is greatly needed when dealing with some of the complex insurance claims that we receive. Toni also arranges work placement for students from local colleges, institutions and schools as we take pride in opening our surgeries for others to learn. Toni has a Conure parrot called Mango Blues AKA 'The Muppet' and a 75 year old tortoise called Herman. She enjoys walking and swimming.