Hannah Storey


Student Nurse


Before working at Willet House Vets, I worked on a dairy and sheep farm as a Sheppard. After my season had finished I started to follow my dreams of working in a veterinary practice to come a vet nurse. I joined Willet house in February 2017 as an animal nursing assistant and will progress further as time goes on. I enjoy learning all different facts about the animals and also enjoy giving them lots of cuddles. In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog Archie and taking him to see the chickens and ducks I have, I love spending quality time with my family and friends, doing sports such as rugby and hockey and a bit of horse riding in the summer.


I have a cat called George that is a domestic long hair and he loves his belly being rubbed, we re-homed George as his old owner moved to Hong Kong and could no longer look after him. I also have a Chihuahua named Archie Versace, who is bursting with character and loves long walks round great Windsor park. I also own lots of ducks and chickens as I have a small holding for a bit of fun as I love rescuing animals.