Sarah Watkins


Sarah Watkins
Bsc (Hons) RVN
Deputy Head Nurse


While at school, I carried out work experience at several practices (including Willett House Addlestone) to get a feel for the profession. It was then I realized that Veterinary Nursing was in fact the career path for me! I studied my A Levels, and then accepted a place at The Royal Veterinary College for BSc in Veterinary Nursing. In 2014 I became a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) and continued my studies to be awarded my BSc in 2015. It was then, in June 2015, that I took a permanent position at Willett House.


I am currently the ‘servant’ of a very vocal feline. Who, like most Veterinary professionals’ pets, came into my life when he came into the practice as a stray! Outside work I enjoy meeting up with friends/family, finding time to relax and baking!


Current CPD has focused on my role as a Clinical Coach, and various other aspects of the profession such as anesthesia and diabetes to name a few. I have an interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation and would love to further this; fitting with the large number of specialist procedures we are able to carry out in house.