Heather Sharpe


Client Care Assistant


I spent most of my working career working for British Airways. Initially I was a PA/secretary in their Engineering Department, but from my office window I could see all the aircraft taking off and I decided that I would like to fly.  Eventually I became a cabin crew member, and was fortunate enough to travel widely.

After leaving British Airways, and having a long break in New Zealand, I returned and was not really thinking about another job straight away.  As it turned out, the first week back at home I came across the advert for Willett House Client Care team.  As I have always loved animals, I thought the job might be for me, and I am still here, 11 years later.


All my family have always had cats, but currently I have only one, Ivor the Survivor! He is a rescue, having been brought into our Addlestone surgery badly injured.  He only has one eye, hence the name.  I would also love a dog when the right one comes along.