Georgina Lewis


Vet Nurse


I joined Willett House in November 2014 as an Animal Nursing Assistant and completed the Veterinary Care Assistant (VCA) course before starting the Veterinary Nursing course in January 2016. I am finding the course extremely fun and doing it alongside work is great for gaining the essential practical skills. Before Willett House I did work experience in various vet practices and completed an Animal Management course which helped me gain basic knowledge and got me to work towards the veterinary nursing.


At home I’ve got an elderly family cat called Shadow who is coming up to nineteen years old. He is diabetic and gets two injections a day which we call his ‘forever juice’ because he just keeps going! Being an older gentleman his daily exercise consists of walking down the stairs to the litter tray and then back up to bed. I also recently rescued a Syrian hamster from work who I have named Betty. She has some hair loss so we assume she is elderly but that doesn’t stop her from being an escape artist and having lots of character!