Willett House Healthy Pet Club


The Healthy Pet Club helps provide essential routine veterinary advice and treatment for the animals in the care of Willett House, aiming to promote preventative healthcare at affordable prices to all its valued members. Talk to a member of staff or click on the following healthypetclub link to register for: annual vaccinations and health checks; discounts on all Willett House consultations, micro-chipping and neutering; quarterly flea and worm treatments; nurse clinics - packed full of useful information on diet, animal behaviour and grooming; and annual nurse check-ups.

The importance of regular vaccinations for the animals in our care cannot be underestimated. The Willett House Healthy Pet Club aims to preventively maintain animal health, starting with ensuring that every Healthy Pet Club member receives all the appropriate vaccinations necessary to avoid long-term health problems.

The early detection of potential health issues can help prevent minor health problems developing into serious conditions. With this in mind, every Willett House Healthy Pet Club member will receive a full annual health check, performed by a Willett House veterinary surgeon. Healthy Pet Club members also routinely receive appropriate flea and worm treatments to avoid potentially damaging parasite infestation. 

Willett House Healthy Pet Club Members can also enjoy annual veterinary nurse check-ups, as well as informative clinics - hosted by members of the Willett House veterinary nursing team - which allow owners to learn more about animal behaviour as well as appropriate diet, exercise and grooming regimes.

Please ask a member of staff for full details of how to join the Willett House Healthy Pet Club or register your interest by clicking on the following healthy pet club link.