Keyhole surgery or laparoscopy, as it is known, has been used widely in the human field for the last 20 years. Initially, it started as a diagnostic tool to visualise and biopsy sites within the abdominal cavity without creating large surgical incisions. As expertise and competence developed, surgical procedures evolved.

Keyhole surgery or laparoscopy for the dog and cat is a very new, exciting and emerging field in veterinary science, with only a handful of veterinary surgeons in the country performing such techniques. We at Willett House are please to be able to offer this service to our clients.

The benefits of keyhole or laparoscopic surgery in the dog and cat are:

Increased magnification and visualisation of the surgical field

Reduced post operative pain

Reduced incision size

Reduced trauma

Less risk of haemorrahage (bleeding) and wound breakdown

Reduced infection rate

Faster recovery times

Laparoscopy can be used for a variety of purposes including; diagnostic biopsies of abdominal organs, cancer diagnosis and abdominal surgical procedures. Click on the menu box to view a comprehensive guide of these services we provide.