Surgical Facilities


We have a wide variety of medical and surgical equipment available to us to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Alongside the standard equipment expected in any good veterinary practice, we are also able to offer :

Doppler blood pressure monitoring

"Tonopen" intraocular pressure measurement

Flexible and rigid video endoscopy for arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, cytoscopy, rhinoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy and many more

On-site laboratory for blood biochemistry and electrolytes, urine analysis etc


Ultrasound including echocardiography


Pulse-oximetry anaesthesia monitoring

Electrocautery Unit

Isoflurane anaesthesia

Intravenous fluid pumps

Surgical loop for increased magnification in delicate surgical procedures

Full range of AO/ASIF and external fixator orthopaedic equipment

3 surgical theatres including separate dental theatre

"Prep" area for induction of anaesthesia

Cancer chemotherapy