Puppy Parties


Willett House is pleased to offer socialisation classes for puppies aged between nine and 14 weeks. Socialisation is an essential part of a puppy's life and is a key building block in helping them become happy, obedient and well-socialised dogs. These useful and enjoyable classes are held weekly at the Addlestone practice. Currently, three-week puppy socialisation courses are available on Tuesday evenings between 7.30 and 8.30pm. 

These classes are informative and fun. The number of puppies admitted to each training course is limited, so please ensure you reserve your place by ringing the Staines surgery. There is a fee for enrolment on these classes.

What happens at puppy parties?

Your puppy will learn vital socialisation skills.

Your puppy will enjoy vital positive experiences in the Willett House veterinary surgery and will become familiar and comfortable with the Willett House healthcare team.

The classes provide and excellent environment for the puppies to enjoy controlled but enjoyable play.

The excellent Willett House veterinary nursing team will provide invaluable advice on numerous common problems including: toilet training; play-biting; and walking on a lead.

Further topics covered include: flea treatment; worming; neutering; nutrition; micro chipping; insurance; and how to nurture a happy, healthy dog.

All owners involved qualify for a free bag of puppy food and the chance to win a Rogz lead during the fun final evening quiz.