Travelling Abroad with a Pet


Willett House regularly issue Pet Passports for those clients wishing to take their pet to countries registered with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). PETS was introduced with a pilot scheme for dogs and cats from western Europe in 2000 and was extended to certain rabies-free islands in 2001. It is essential that owners visit the official DEFRA website which clearly presents the procedure for importing and exporting dogs and cats into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme.

Travelling abroad with your pet can be a complicated process. Much useful information can be found on the DEFRA website. In addition, the Willett House healthcare team are happy to assist in the process of obtaining either a Pet Passport or export documentation for those owners wishing to export their pets to countries outside the European Union. 

Willett House is experienced in providing the necessary health checks and vaccinations required for those owners who intend to travel with their pets using the Pet Passport scheme. Current requirements for dogs travelling abroad include: up-to-date rabies vaccinations (the first of which must have been administered no sooner than 21 days before the date of travel); and all animals travelling abroad under the Pet Passport scheme must be microchipped. 
Willett House veterinary surgeons will also be happy to advise owners on the requirements for returning an animal to the UK including: tic treatments to be applied by an overseas veterinary surgeon in preparation for your dog's return to the UK. DEFRA
Link to DEFRA website