Nurse Clinics


The Willett House Nurse Clinics are run by our excellent veterinary nursing team. These clinics provide clients with free advice on a variety of useful subjects including: basic behaviour; parasitic control; appropriate vaccinations; and the administration of medication. If clients would like any further advice from our veterinary nursing team please feel free to telephone the surgery or to email a member of the nursing team direct. 

Clients should not make use of this service in an emergency situation.

The Willett House veterinary nursing team are also pleased to offer the following services.

Weight Clinics

It is important to consider that over 50 percent of cats and dogs are overweight, which can have serious health implications. The Willett House Weight Clinics aim to provide clients with a real chance of significant weight loss for their pet. At the first consultation, the veterinary nurse will assess the pet by taking weight measurements and then decide on the best route to positive weight loss - setting a goal weight and a target date. Regular recording of progress and fine-tuning of the diet plan will assist pets in reaching their target weight. 

Puppy Parties

Willett House Puppy Parties provide clients with invaluable information on crucial socialisation for puppies aged between nine and 14 weeks. For full details of this important socialisation period for your new puppy, please read our detailed further information page.

Adolescent Checks

During Adolescent Check-ups, the veterinary nurse talk the client through various important topics including: dental management; nutrition; parasite control; neutering; and behaviour and training.

Dental Checks

The dental health of all animals needs regular attention or serious health problems can occur. Willett House veterinary nurse dental checks usefully screen pets for dental disease and provide clients with essential advice on teeth brushing and other aspects of dental care.

The Willett House veterinary nursing team are also pleased to offer the following services: nail clipping; microchipping; dressing changes; post-operative checks; and suture removal.