All the Willett House surgeries operate an appointment system for consultations. A standard veterinary consultation lasts for 10 minutes. However, in order to cater for first vaccinations, export work or more complex cases, longer consultations can be arranged.

During veterinary consultations, clients are encouraged to raise any concerns they may be have regarding their pet. All Willett House veterinary surgeons are happy to answer questions - so feel free to ask. Providing the veterinary surgeon with a complete picture of the pet in question is an important part of the diagnostic process. Clients are therefore encouraged to give a full history of their pet.

In the case of particularly nervous or aggressive animals, Willett House encourages clients to inform a member of staff at the earliest possible opportunity. This will help the veterinary surgeon performing the consultation or procedure to treat your pet in the most appropriate manner. Some pets are comfortable with the majority of procedures but dislike , for example, having their nails clipped or their temperature taken. If staff are informed in advance then a veterinary nurse can be present to assist. Clients with needle phobias or a general unease with medical procedures are welcome to wait in the reception area whilst the procedure is performed.


Following examination, the veterinary surgeon will advise clients on an appropriate course of action. If further tests and procedures are required, the veterinary surgeon will be happy to provide the client with an estimate of costs involved. Clients are encouraged to ask questions of the veterinary surgeon if they are unclear about any matter.

Willett House is pleased to be able to offer a reduced primary consultation fee to pensioners, please show any documentation to support this to the reception staff on arrival.