House Training


Dogs are naturally clean animals but, like toddlers, accidents are unavoidable whilst they are being house trained.

In the first few days you will have to provide somewhere for your puppy to empty its bowels and bladder. A newspaper on the floor in the same area is the cheapest and most hygienic method. If you leave a remnant of soiled paper here your puppy will follow its sense of smell and get the habit of using this place as a toilet.

Puppies need to urinate frequently. Anticipate this by taking your puppy outside after every meal, after play or when it wakes up. Dogs usually sniff the ground before they urinate so if you catch your puppy in the act of doing this pick him/her up fast and place them on the outside. Remain outside with your puppy but do not interact with them till they have performed. Each time he/she is successful and goes to the toilet in the correct place give him/her lots of praise.

Do not scold a puppy for soiling in the wrong place. NEVER EVER rub your puppy's nose in its mess, as you will only succeed in making your puppy nervous and soil when you are not looking in hide away places. What people do not realise is that the puppy knows you are annoyed with them but he/she do not know why!

If your puppy does soil in the wrong place clean up the mess promptly and remove all odours. Otherwise your puppy will mistake this for the toilet and try again. A puppy's sense of smell is much more highly specialised than ours, so ordinary household disinfectants will not work. You can buy special odour eliminators from your veterinary surgery or clean the area with hot biological washing powder solution. Bleach contains ammonia which is the start product of urine so to our dogs it smells as if another dog has urinated in their house. This then encourages them to re scent their territory.